Jetton Staffs

Jetton Biochemistry Co., Ltd. is a people-oriented company. With outstanding develop groups, high technology equipment, strict manufacture environment control and precise quality analysis, we develop high quality, safe and effective products. Moreover, we require and control strictly on materials' quality, nutrient and origin. We regard our customers as the most important; bring the latest health trend to customers in the modern world. During develop and innovate products, we continue self-growth and self-breakthrough.

Japan Technology Support

Safety and stability are the most important safe indications of nutritional food. Whether the quality of each ingredient fits the standard or microbiological content within a safe range, these are important items for quality inspection. In test samples or every batch of finished product, we samples to make sure the quality of product fits the standard. Strengthen every chain’s quality control.


After material selection and recipe request, our company's professional nutritionist, development commissioner and professional nurse will begin scheming and dressing the product.

Full SOP standardized and automatic production process

Lead in full ISO 22000 and HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)…Full SOP standardized and automatic production process

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