A:Clouding agent is a legal food additive. It mixes oil and water without precipitation. This helps to increase the selling or the sweetness of flavor.Clouding agent is a compound ingredient composed of Arabic gum, emulsifier, palm oil and various food additives. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaitIll5dEU(Video- produce sport drink with adding clouding agent)
A:The plasticizer pollution is they change the high-price but edible palm oil into low-price industrial plasticizer. Common chemical compound are phthalic acid, like DBP, DEHP, DINP, DIDP, BBP and DNOP. The purpose is decrease the cost or increase the stability of quality. Please note: clouding agent ≠plasticizer.
A:This is incorrect. You may see " The Five Categories of Food List" as a reference which announced by Department of Health.Basic divided Method:
Possible Suspicious Negatives
1.Electrolyte drinks Sport drinks Electrolyte tablets (need to brew after parent return home)
2.Tea drinks Need to add concentrate juice or spice made products Dry tea bag or present-pick tea drinks (usually spoil, precipitate or deteriorate after long placed)/td>
3.Fruit Juice Fresh squeezed fruit juice or carbonated drinks
4.Jam, pulp or jelly Canned fruit, honey or grass jelly
5.Capsule, tablet or powder Milk, milk powder, soybean milk, wheat powder or grain powder
A:Try not to choose products are required lots of additives, products indicate "Negatives" on the above pattern. Moreover, Department of Health offer reducing plasticizer strategies with "Few Fives, More Five"
1."Few plastic"- For example, drink few plastic cup drinks, use few plastic bags, plastic container, use microwave with few plastic wrap and let children few eating, playing and sleeping on plastic-assembled floor.
2."Few fragrance", use few fragrant cosmetics and etc.
3."Few unnecessary health foods or drugs"
4."Few processed foods"
5."Few animal fat, fat and organs"
"More Fives" means "more hands washing" esp. before eating, you need to wash the plasticizer on your hands; "more water", replace plastic-bottled drinks;
A:4 self-protection strategies:
1.Don't use unsafe products.
2.More water without holding back urine
3.Keep defecation
4.More exercise Most of plasticizer will be discharged with defecation and urine; After ate, it will be discharged with urine in 12 ~24 hours and with defecation after 48~72 hours.
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