Total plate count Microbiological testing

Bacteria in food are easy to let people get sick because it is invisible. We can test through the number of microorganisms to realize microbial hazard risk.

E. coli/Coliform Microbiological testing

E. coli is the most common bacterial causing of food poisoning. After infecting, you may diarrhea or the worse may die. So the E. coli is the most common targets for food microbiological testing.

Lactobacillus Microbiological testing

Probiotics are lactic acid bacteria in the human body, can help digestion and promote intestinal health, product testing standards to achieve the lactic acid bacteria to be effective.

Mold Microbiological testing

Molds spread spores through the height of the heat and grow up in appropriate humidity and PH numerical value. Material lines of food production were detected mold in order to avoid mildew mixed product.

HPLC Microbiological testing

High Performance Liquid Chromatography in recent decades in the field of instrumental analysis is the most important and one of the most rapid instruments. Analytical methods in food nutrients, harmful residues or drugs, over nearly half shall HPLC liquid chromatograph for analysis.

Moisture Content Mystic River

The amount of water in addition to affecting the growth of microorganisms, but also affect milk of physical properties. If it is lower, it will cause loss of nutrients poor taste. If it is much more, it will promote the growth of microorganisms.

Crude Protein Chemistry experiment

All nitrogenous substances include nucleic acids, urea, etc., collectively, use Kjeldahl method to analyze its content. The protein is same with crude protein in food labeling.

Crude Fat Chemistry experiment

Including phospholipids, organic acids, alkaloids and fat-soluble vitamins, we use Soxhlet extraction process to analyze the content. Crude fat is the same with fat in Food labeling.

Vitamin C Chemistry experiment

Vitamin C is called ascorbic acid. Most organisms can be manufactured through metabolism and manufacture in our body. But people are an exception; the vitamin C is an essential nutrient.

Inulin Chemistry experiment

Inulin is called chicory, it is a water-soluble dietary fiber to promote bowel movement and increase satiety. Although the body cannot absorb, it is a source of nutrition probiotics.

Osmotic Pressure Chemistry experiment

Osmotic pressure is to allow the body fluid concentration inside and outside on balance. The food osmotic pressure is higher than human body will not be absorbed and cause kidney burden. If it is lower than the human body, it will cause cells dehydration atrophy.

Ash Physics Experiment

It contains Inorganic salts and mineral. Many dairy products have many inorganic materials. Including Calcium and Phosphorus, Sodium, Magnesium, Iron, Aluminum Manganese, Potassium, Calcium is particularly high in content. Ash obtained through the high temperature.

IR Physics Experiment

In the detection of food that can be micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi) used the amount of water molecules. The use of indicators for the water activity, it better reduce water activity of 0.5 to good food preservation methods.

pH Physics Experiment

pH value known as pH, and microbial growth is closely related to the process, but also factor in the activity of enzymes in the human body, in accordance with the raw material CoA to detect pH.

Degrees Brix°Bx Physics Experiment

It can calculate concentration sugar content through the light refractive index. Different taste and sweetness react to food real sugar content.

Salinity Physics Experiment

Sodium content is the biggest effect of high salinity food. Sodium content too high will increase blood pressure. When the renal metabolism of excess sodium can also metabolized calcium, resulting in the risk of bone loss.

Standard Sieve Physics Experiment

Jetton uses standard analytical sieve to measure particles, powder-like substance particle size distribution and analysis of the solid body content and debris content.

Acid Value Physics Experiment

The acid value is the degree of oil deterioration indicator. Reaction of rancidity will destroy the nutrients in foods, break vitamins and produce oil odor, bodily injury.

Milk Fat Chemistry experiment

In accordance with the amount of milk, fat milk into whole milk, in fat, low fat, etc., dissolved more fat-soluble vitamins and free fatty acids.

Save Experiment Physics Experiment

Food analysis deterioration factor saves the experiment and continue to monitor the product. It can ensure the product within the shelf life is safe or not.
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