Noah Pencil Introduction Share Love Kenya

Noah pencil is suitable for writing literacy beginners. We use natural wood pencil in place of plastic mechanical pencil. It can avoid lead broken because children’s instable holding pencil’s strength. Wood pencil design doesn’t need to replenish the lead and also can train children’s writing posture. They can learn to write well in order to have a strong foundation.


We often sharpen the pencil with pencil sharpener then we can use it. Noah pencil had been sharpened it already that you can directly use it. It is more convenient for children using it and learning will be happy. Using the simple knife to sharpen it is convenient, fast and environmental protection.


The core concept of Noah pencil design is pure and elegant. Children will be the national future pillar of the state and have limitless hope. We specially select white one to symbolize children’s spotless. They look forward to exploring the world like white paper, absorbing new knowledge and promoting concentration. It can avoid to diverting their attention of many color patterns. Simple design with the words of Noah shows a generous and elegant image.


Noah pencil is not only a pencil. We use both sides function pencil for children. One side is eraser and the other side is writing side. You can correct wrong words in the first time and don’t need to prepare eraser. It will be easy learning with Noah pencil.

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